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Meet the men behind the book:

The Country Preacher...

Reverend Charles Kirkindoll - affectionately known to his congregations as "Brother Kirk" - attended Southwestern Theological Seminary, and began his ministerial career as pastor of a church in Dallas, Texas. When the Great Depression hit in the 1930s, he felt a calling to move to rural East Texas where many congregations were struggling. Brother Kirk was the cornerstone of several churches over the years, sometimes building them literally with his own hands. Upon retirement, he began a phase of his life where he served as Interim Pastor for churches that needed his services. Someone once mused, "there wasn`t a pulpit in East Texas that Brother Kirk hadn`t preached from." In 1976, at the age of eighty and with over sixty years in the ministry, Brother Kirk sat down and recorded his thoughts and feelings about a lifetime of studying his favorite passage in the Bible - the 23rd Psalm. His life was a testament to the blessings promised in those verses.

The Grandson...

Over thirty years later, author Mitchel Whitington picked up his grandfather's book and his life was changed forever. Using his grandfather's theology and teachings about the 23rd Psalm, he brought Brother Kirk's words into the 21st century. Having written books on topics from history to folklore to humor/fiction, this book was quite a departure for him, but he considers it one of the most important projects of his career. Mitchel has said, "It was an honor and a pleasure to write this book with my Granddad; even though he went to join the Lord over twenty years ago, I could swear that at times I felt him looking over my shoulder."

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