...in a new horror-thriller from Vinnie Penn.

The world has turned upside down, and has-been radio disc jockey Luke Zombulli - known to what's left of his fans as DJ Zom-B - fights for survival in a civilization gone mad. The dead have come back to life and present an unstoppable, flesh-eating force.

His only allies are a flash-in-the-pan pop icon and a burned-out radio sound engineer who may be turning into a zombie himself... what's a deejay to do? Go back on the air, of course. When the government isolates the outbreak to a few states, Zom-B's broadcasts attract more than he hoped.

From the feds that want to sterilize the infected areas and everyone in them, to renegade cops dealing with the problem in their own special way, the true terror of his situation is soon revealed...

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Vinnie Penn has a ruckus, rock-n-roll writing style that moves the story along at the pace of an AC/DC concert... Vinnie is re-defining zombie fiction!

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“It’s a Whiter Shade of Pale mixed with Purple Rain; at once ghostly and bruised, poetic and caustic, romantic and raucous. DJ Zom-B & The Ungrateful Dead is fiendishly funny, dead-on in its satire, and dear at its core.”
– Sheila M. Merritt, HellNotes Book Reviews

“Vinnie Penn does zombies right! DJ Zom-B & The Ungrateful Dead is a fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat ride – it kept me wanting to read on, wanting to know what would happen next. I couldn't put it down!"
– Michelle McCrary, horror author and co-editor of Dead Set – A Zombie Anthology

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"DJ Zom-B & The Ungrateful Dead is a fun and thrilling book from Penn, who delivers quirky observations and quick-witted comments through smart-ass (but inherently likable) DJ Zom-B. The zombie action isn’t half bad either!"
– Sarah Jahier, Fatally Yours Book Reviews

"Vinnie Penn meets Vincent Price - a lively blend of blood, mayhem and metaphor. It's a high-octane adventure – sort of like Pulp Fiction meets Dawn of the Dead, with a little Spartacus thrown in for fun."
New Haven Register, New Haven, CT

Step into the world of DJ Zom-B & The Ungrateful Dead...

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