Good morning!

A framed picture has disappeared from the men's room wall...

The freezer is suddenly and explicably on the fritz...

A man at the counter can't comprehend the cool cantaloupe soup...

And the health inspector just walked through the door.

Don't panic - it's just another day at Ambition Coffee House & Eatery!

Business co-owner and author Marc Renson takes you on an entertaining, outrageous journey of madness and mayhem experienced in the daily operation of Ambition, one of downtown Schenectady, New York's most popular restaurants. Read about celebrities who eat there and meet "the regulars" who keep the staff hopping with their cosmic questions: Is the sandwich special good? Does your cream of tomato soup have milk in it? Will the Cajun spices bother me? And of course... is the coffee fresh?

And while you're at it, contemplate the question - Do crazy people really wear red shoes? While you'll be laughing out loud, the answer may actually have you glancing through your own closet.

Interestingly enough, enduring the insanity of what people say and do results in an understanding that everything happens for a reason. There is a purpose for meeting all the people along life's journey, and they collectively contribute to the certain fact that there is an answer to "why me"... it is because dreams really do come true, as they have for proprietor Marc Renson.

As Marc would say, "Welcome to my world... and my ambition!"

FIVE-STAR reviews from

"If you love to laugh this is the book for you. One of the funniest books I've ever read. I hope another one is on the way."

"Author Marc Renson's debut book is filled with humorous and sometimes outrageous anecdotes, insider tips and information plus some tasty recipes that have made Marc's Ambition Coffee House & Eatery, Inc. the success it is today. I admire Marc's resilience in his journey to realize his dream and live it."

"Fun,witty and wise. A must read for anyone who has ever wondered 'is the coffee fresh!' Relax, grab a coffee and treat yourself to an entertaining book. You might even be inspired to buy a pair of red shoes!"

"This book is, without a doubt, one of the funniest books I have ever read! At first I thought I must be in the mood to laugh because I was so hysterical. So then the next night when I went back to it, I was laughing so hard again that my sides were killing me and I couldn't breathe. The author really has a unique way of looking at people that shows their foibles and quirks in a really sympathetic way...makes me want to visit the cafe!!!"

Is the Coffee Fresh?
by Marc Renson

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Meet the author, Marc Renson...
After over a decade as co-owner of Ambition, a favorite coffee house and eatery in Schenectady, New York, Marc Renson has seen it all - things that his years of restaurant training and a degree in Culinary Arts never quite prepared him for. From equipment issues to financial challenges to, well, interesting customers, his true education and mastery of his craft has come from years behind the counter of Ambition. Is the Coffee Fresh? is Marc's first book, but probably not the last... you'll understand why as you delve into its pages!